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Obligatory new year post

2006 wasn't such a bad year, although as usual there were some low points. Thinking back over the last twelve months I've come up with a (short) list -
Worst event of the year - By far the event that shook me the most was the death of Peter Brock. Hard to lose one of your heroes so unexpectedly.
Best event of the year - Can you say "Best Longhair Kitten"? (yes!)
Best book read - Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. A gender-bender with a difference. Closely followed by Enterprising Women by Camille Bacon-Smith.
Best CD bought - Rudebox Robbie Williams rocks. This had to fight for its place, however, against the No Doubt compilation which I love.
Best movie - maybe not in terms of art, but for a story that moved me emotionally. Brokeback Mountain wins hands-down.
Most enjoyable day - a day at the races. That's Willowbank, mind. V8s rather than single horsepower.
Least enjoyable - losing my area manager. Wow, that's pretty tame compared to what a lot of others endure every year. I should be counting my blessings really.
Best Visitors - my sister and her family. A close second was the weekend that anonpussynamer came to stay.
Pissiest thing to happen - guy in truck clipping the rear of my car a week before Christmas.
Stupidest decision - volunteering to be treasurer for the Qld Independent Cat Council. I am so over council politics.
Well, that's it. Nothing too earth-shattering there.
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