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The last few days.

Poor journal has been neglected recently. Wednesday night I went out with the girls from work, for our manager's farewell. We went to a little restaurant down on the jetty strip. Jimmy Barnes was eating at the Thai restaurant next door, sitting at a table out on the footpath. Paulene, Ann & Lyn had tickets to his show later that night at the Plantation Hotel so they stopped to tell him as they were walking by.

Did a heap of packing last night, and when I finally switched on the pc I found my story had been sent back for re-editing, so I stayed up into the wee smalls getting that done. And all today I've wondered why my eyes were so tired. Anyway, at lunchtime I bought a book called Eats Roots & Leaves, A Zero Tolerance Guide to Punctuation. I will als add a good grammar book to my collection. Then next time I have a story to submit somewhere I'll be able to tidy it up first. I always thought my punctuation in particular was correct but now I'm changing my name to Queen Of The Wandering Commas.

All three inside cats have just come into the office to see what I am doing. I wonder what woke them all of a sudden?

So much packing to do here, it's scarey.

God I love Friday nights.

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