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A Novel Ending

I've just finished reading Dragons Blood by Todd McCaffrey, who was let loose to play in the universe his mother created. I can't say it was the most wonderful Pern novel I've ever read. Firstly, the loss of Lorana's dragon was glossed-over, almost as though she'd misplaced a shoe rather than seen her bond torn asunder when her queen went between. Maybe it's just the difference between male and female authors; I would have expected Anne to explore the emotional consequences of that event.
The real biggie for me though was the resolution to the story. I don't care how good the equipment they found may have been, or how complete and concise the instructions, I simply cannot believe that they went from the technological equivalent of stone knives and bearskins to gene sequencing and engineering a retrovirus, all in a matter of days. Nup, no way.

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