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Going Coastal

Off to the Gold Coast Cat Show tomorrow, first one of the season for me. Chicken has had her claws clipped and been bathed, blowdried and powdered to within an inch of her life. And didn't she carry on - she grizzled the whole time. Normally she's quite well-behaved but tonight I guess she just wasn't in the mood. I hope her temper improves by tomorrow.
Watching the cricket, we're not doing as well tonight as one could hope. They just showed a flashback to Eng v Aus in January 1987, where England needed 18 balls to win off the last over. Alan Lamb was the batsman on strike, facing Bruce Reid. I remember watching at the time and thinking no way would England do that, we were home and hosed! And then Lamb let fly, scoring 2,4,6,2,4 so that England won with one ball to spare. What a match that was.

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