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No, really.

I am so tired tonight. I've spent the last 9 days working on a submission for customers who waited until they were a week into their Subject To Finance clause before coming to see me. Servicing was tight, loan/value ratios were tight, and time was running out. Stayed back till 7 last night trying to finish it off - in fact I rang customer to check something on his payslip and he said "what are you doing there at this time of night?" Trying to make your deadline, moron. Started work early this morning to work on it, with phone calls to valuers, acceptance, mortgage insurers etc to try and get it through. Right up until 12 when customer rang to say they've decided not to proceed; it suddenly dawned on them that $6800 was a huge amount to pay each month, even with the rental income from two of their properties helping to support it. Well d'uh. I rang them last Thursday night to discuss the repayment and their comfort level with it; at that time they were so keen to go ahead regardless.
All that work for nothing.

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