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Seaside Rendezvous

What a great weekend it was. Yesterday I went to see the QE2 which was berthed in Brisbane - it is too big to dock at the passenger terminal so had to dock at the grain shipping yard instead. We drove out to Luggage Point for a look. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingCertainly the biggest queen I've seen in a while (not counting Subs)
Lorelle had brought her binoculars also so we took turns using those.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yesterday evening we visited Sue and Ross, and went out to dinner with them.
L & M got away at lunchtime today and I spent the rest of the day repotting some plants, doing the washing, and generally bumming around. All good.
This evening I watched "Discovered in a Graveyard". I've been wanting to watch this ep for quite some time, but the anal side of my personality wouldn't let me watch the eps out of order so I had to wait. Some wonderful moments; best of all I think was when the unconscious Doyle is choosing between life and death; he's watching his own funeral with some longing but then a smiling Bodie appears at his side, and shortly afterwards he regains consciousness. Nice.
Back to work tomorrow *sigh*
(NOT complaining, not really. Very glad I have a job to go to!)

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