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I swapped the readout on my bathroom scales from pounds to kilos. I may not weigh any less but I sure get a thrill out of seeing the smaller numbers.
Tonight's Australian Story chronicled the career of Craig Lowndes. I hadn't realised that his dad worked for Harry Firth, I don't remember that at all. But it explains Craig's closeness to PB and why Peter's death hit him so hard. One interesting omission - there was no mention of Craig's sojourn o/s in the late 90s.
Oh lucky me, tomorrow I swap my office for a shopping centre promo. *sigh* . I have a pile of paperwork on my desk that I couldn't jump over; even without taking another application I have enough work to keep me going all day, but I won't get to touch it. To add insult to injury, the shopping centre is within a minute of my home, but after the promo I have to drive over to work for an after-hours meeting.

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