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A bit of fun

kerravongenius posted a nifty little fandom meme here , which inspired me to create the following:

You know you’ve been playing in fandom too long when….

1. You never, ever wear a red shirt

2. You start calling everyone “babe”

3. You can’t get the tune/lyrics to “The Lonely Goatherd” out of your head.

4. You start calling everyone “Chief”

5. You expect everyone you care about to betray you.

6. You search the shelves at Bunnings, but you still can’t find the type of screwdriver you’re looking for.

7. You start calling everyone “sunshine”

8. You conduct lengthy online debates over the validity (or not) of “Gordo” as a nickname.

9. Aliens abducted your lunch.

10. You have a strange fascination with coathooks in fitting rooms.

11. “That’s like, so not cool” becomes a catchphrase

12. You start using a (hideously fake) Russian accent.

13. The most important feature on your motorbike is the place to store your cane.

14. You develop an unhealthy fear of salt shakers

15. You waste an inordinate amount of time researching the effects of a bullet to the chest (insert fandom-of-choice here)

16. Not only do you know what the “Tarrant Nostra” is, but you have a sneaking suspicion that you belong.

17. You start calling everyone “tovarisch”

18. (Crossover) You think a silver Capri is the ultimate sexy car, but a large red Ford will do.

19. You have a dog named K-9.

20. And a cat named Bodie.

21. Everybody lies.

Go play.
(And a note to APN - if you can guess any of them, you win.)
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