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Rhythm of the Road

I had planned tonight to wax lyrical about my trip last weekend. About how much I enjoy the drive through the north coast of NSW; in particular the journey from Brunswick Heads to Ballina where the road dips and swings across the ridges overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and you're never sure whether the next corner will provide a glint of tantalising blue; about the strobe light effect from the sun through the trees that crowd the roadside, about the feeling of being in the groove and laughing at the advisory cornering speeds, secretly believing they were set in a 68 Valiant on retread crossplies, and thinking god was it only last night I was saying I should get a smaller car? - when at this point in time and space I couldn't love my big red Ford any more than I do, and -
frankly I couldn't be arsed to write it.
So instead I'll just comment on the price of fuel at Emerald Beach ($1.31 per litre) compared to Halfway Creek ($1.17) and Casino ($1.15). I was in shock when I stopped at EB, knowing it's usually cheaper than Coffs. I thought the bowser was set incorrectly and walked around checking the price on the others, but they all told the same sad tale.
yet another thing I like about Queensland.

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