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Miracle Easter

The weekend is over, back to work today. Very hard to settle down after such a good four-day break.

I met the most amazing man, too. He actually talked for three hours without drawing breath. He must breathe through his ears or something. The other amazing fact about him was that he knew everything about everything. Wow, not often you meet someone as well-educated as that. What a shame he was so FUCKING BORING!

Truly. He turned up at my garage sale, wanted to buy a TV. He arrived on a pushbike & hoped we could give him a lift home, along with the TV, but his bike was too big for Summa's car & I wasn't offering mine. He finally left an hour after we had packed everything away. I was starting to think I'd need to dynamite him out of my driveway just to get rid of him. And then Jason & Summa had to deliver the TV to him. Summa stayed in the car with the motor running so Jason had an excuse to bolt out the door as soon as the TV was delivered.

I keep expecting to walk outside and find this guy camped in my driveway. Aargh!

Thought for the day - DEJA MOO - the feeling you've heard this bullshit before.

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