February 10th, 2004

Random Violin

More From Molvania

"With wide, tree-lined boulevards, numerous gardens and parks, and a riverfront boardwalk Gyrorik would easily be one of the most visually charming cities in Molvania. Sadly, most of these features were either destroyed or obscured during the 1970s development boom, and without them its a pretty grim industrial centre.
Festivals are a bit part of city life in Gyrorik and often the streets will be filled with a long and colourful parade of people shouting and honking car horns. This is known as veerjkul (peak hour).
There is a wide range of accommodation options for visitors to Gyrorik, depending on your budget and personal requirements. Establishments at the higher end of the price range are comparable to luxury hotels in Western Europe, while those at the lower end will give ou a taste of what it would have been like sheltering in an underground Taliban stronghold during the 2002 invasion of Afghanistan."

You gotta love the place. Its certainly high on my list of holiday destinations.
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