March 7th, 2004

Random Violin

Ever Had One Of Those Days....

when everything you touch turns to crap? I decided to update the appearance of my wall units by replacing the handles & knobs. Did the right thing by taking the existing ones with me (one of each) to Bunnings, in order to measure the new ones against. So far so good. $32 later I was home, and began the replacement.

Firstly, the screws that came with the new handles are too long & won't go in all the way, while the screws from the original handles are too thin. So tomorrow at lunchtime I need to buy screws. Then discover that the handles for the bottom cupboards, although being the right length, don't have the same degree of overlap as the old ones. I need to try & find handles which still have the attachment holes in the same place, but which extend out longer than the attachment holes. Otherwise there is a gap in the chrome trim on the units.

Finally, removal of the old knobs from the tv cabinet revealed just how discoloured the doors have become over the last 14 or so years. I got out the Spray & Wipe & began...well, Spraying & Wiping. Now my once-lovely grey cupboard doors have odd-looking white dots & streaks. Why did it pick today to react with a cleaner I have always used on it?

I was going to give my leather lounge a clean, but after all that I simply wasn't game.
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Random Violin

The Phone Game

Last week I recounted the saga of my new phone. I mentioned its a Nokia (pay me now for brand advertising, thank you) and the reason for choosing a Nokia was simply that I wanted to be able to download ringtones for it. Something a bit more creative than the usual narrow selection.

You'd think, wouldn't you, that being a relatively new phone, there would be ringtones available for it? Well, kiddies, it ain't necessarily so. I've been searching websites for the last little while & I've yet to find a site that supports the 1100. Back to the drawing board.

Still on the subject of phones, I went looking on Ebay for an Ericofone, that icon of '70's kitsch. Found two but both are well above what I'm prepared to pay. But all was not lost, I managed to successfully bid for something totally unrelated to phones etc - it cost me $6.99 US & the postage is another $10.... give this girl a paypal account & she's bloody dangerous....
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