June 13th, 2004

Random Violin

New WTF entry

Sometimes, when you're reading, something will jar you out of the story for some reason. Whether it is a situation which is just too unbelievable, or a character acting, well, uncharacteristically, or something as minor as the following sentences - which I just read in a fic:
"The warehouse was forty minutes away. They made it in half an hour." - whatever it is, it's enough to drop the whole "suspension of reality" thingy that goes on between the author and the reader, dumping right back into the here-and-now, and writing up a journal exerpt about WTF entries.

On a forum recently I saw the question "Why do you write?" I can't answer for others, but I know why I do. I write because of my innate curiosity, because once that plot bunny bites I have to see where he's headed, and writing it out is the only way to follow him down the magic rabbit hole into Wonderland. Or to put it plainly, I think of a 'What-If' and then I need the answer. The only way to get that answer is to write the story! So if I want to know how it pans out, I'd better get typing....
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