October 20th, 2004

Random Violin

When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow is going to be such a good day. An old friend from the NSW North Coast is heading up to Brisbane tomorrow, and she's going to stop in and have lunch with me. When I lived and worked in Coffs we had lunch together on a number of occasions, as Sharron would come to my branch and fill in whenever my boss was on holidays. And sometimes I went to Grafton to work with Sharron, when she had too much on to cope with by herself. We've stayed in touch via email over the last few months, but she rang last week to let me know she is coming up - and it brought it home to me just how much I enjoy her company and friendship, and how I've missed her!
So tomorrow is going to be great. A lovely island of a day, in a sea of shitfulness which the last week has been.
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