January 19th, 2005

Random Violin

The Last Tie

Today I finally did it - severed the last tie between me and my old home state by swapping my car registration over. I'd kept the old rego all this time as I was really reluctant to surrender my number plates, knowing that the exact combination isn't available here (yes, I kept checking, just in case). As it was, my rear plate kinda fell off my car and landed in the boot while I was at QTransport, so at least I have a souvenir. It was sad, though, handing over the CAT 13C which was my birthday present to myself back in about 1996. Now I have white and maroon plates, 276 IKX which proclaim Queensland - The Sunshine State. I could have chosen the slogan Queensland - The Smart State but who are they trying to kid here? We don't even have daylight saving, meaning that doing business with our southern cousins gets very difficult in the late afternoon as they've all packed up and gone to the cricket, while we're eking out that final hour in splendid solitude.
Tomorrow Ezekiel goes through the same rego-swapping process. I wonder if he'll feel as sad about it as I did.
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