January 31st, 2005

Random Violin


I found this on another livejournal, while cruising through the latest updates:

Moron comes from the Greek moros (foolish) and strictly speaking defines a person having a mental age of between 8 and 12. A moron is thus more intelligent than an imbecile (mental age between 3 and 7) and much more intelligent than an idiot (mental age below 3).

So there you go. There are degrees of insults.
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Random Violin

Thought of the Day.

Work for the Dole? How about Work for the Aged Pension?

Sitting at the traffic lights this morning, watching the pedestrians, I had a sudden idea. You've noticed the rise in popularity of the 'gopher' - the motorised scooter beloved by the elderly. Well maybe it's time they worked for their pensions. Gophers could be fitted with blades underneath, and whenever the old folks venture out to shop or bowl or whatever, they can be mowing the footpaths and median strips as they go.

Another thought. If the Labor Party was a person it would be locked up in a psychiatric ward for inflicting self-mutilation.
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