February 3rd, 2005

Random Violin

Caffeine-Free days

Today is my fifth day without coffee. I'm not missing it as much ss I thought I would. The worst time is first thing in the morning, when I sip at my cup of green tea and wait for the rush which never comes. During the day isn't so bad, I'm usually too busy at work to really miss it, and the tea makes an acceptable substitute.
And the reason for my self-denial? One of the girls I work with saw a TV program last Thursday on which she learned that if you continue with your usual eating habits but simply replace your coffee and tea with green tea for six weeks you will lose (I think it was) 10 pounds. Now that just seems too simple. Nothing comes quite that easily! So I'm trying it. Lost a pound by Wednesday morning, and my scales tonight tell me I've lost another one since, although I think that can't be right. That's too quick. Anyway, I'll post my results as time goes by.
All I want to do is lose the five pounds (that's two and a half kilos, to the imperially-challenged) that I put on over Christmas so my jeans fit me properly again.
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