February 4th, 2005

Random Violin

Future Tycoons

When I started writing this, I planned on calling it The Next [ insert business tycoon's name here ] but everyone I could think of seemed horrendously inappropriate. Like Alan Bond, Christopher Skase or John Elliot. Nup, not good examples.
Anyway. I needed air in my rear tyre tonight, but the air hose at the servo I usually frequent was missing its attachments. So they had a hose, and air, but no means of getting air into tyre.
Okay, so I went to the next intersection and did a U-turn (hey, it's Queensland, we're allowed) and went back to the next nearest servo. Their air pump was a high-tech job with a digital readout in - wait for it - metric. Now I understand all about psi, but whatever the hell the metric equivalent is leaves me buggered.
As I stood pondering this machine, two kids, about 14 years old, approached and asked if I needed any help. Sure, says I, if you know how to work this contraption.
"No worries, love, " says the bigger of the two (who deserved a smack upside the head for that, but hey, if he's putting air in my tyre I'm not about to criticize).
Despite this kid's air of superiority, his best efforts resulted in my tyre deflating further. Seems he had programmed the machine for 35, thinking it was psi, but guess what? It was supposed to be 220whatevers. They were totally puzzled by the result, but still asked if I had 50 cents they could have as the smaller boy needed to call his mother. I gave them a dollar coin and told them to split it! What a con.
Ended up having to ask the servo attendant to show me how the thing worked. End result - one inflated tyre, two happy boys, one packet of chips purchased because I felt mean leaving the servo without actually buying anything, after the guy's help.
In hindsight, maybe Alan Bond, Christopher Skase and John Elliot weren't too far off the mark....
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