February 11th, 2005

Random Violin

Living Dangerously

My workplace has just given me full internet access at work. Obviously they don't know just how dangerous that is! I'm just glad that we have a very strict usage policy, and that web surfing is recorded and monitored. Otherwise the temptation would be just too great, I'm afraid.
Sorry, can't write a home loan for you. Too busy surfing the net.

On the home front, the broadband is working beautifully. It was extremely easy to configure. The only drawback is that now I need a second ADSL modem, for my laptop computer. ezekiel404 is looking into the cost of setting up a wireless ethernet thingy (let's not get too technical here) to run from my desktop pc, instead of having the second modem. That way I wouldn't be tied down to a phone connection.
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