February 19th, 2005

Random Violin

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I can't believe I'm up this early on a Saturday, and I'm not even going to a cat show. My bank is holding a Home Loan Sale this weekend, and even though my branch isn't open, as "The best-performing lender in Queensland" (a state of affairs that won't last too much longer, but it's nice when it happens) I am expected to take part. Therefore I will be working at Carindale branch from 9am to 4pm today. My area manager will be calling in, as will the regional manager, and I've heard whispers that the state lending manager may stick his head in the door as well. I just hope I do some business, to make it all worthwhile.
I've had a fantastic week, work-wise, being extremely busy so the time just flew. Some of our fixed rates are going up on Tuesday so I've spent some time ringing customers who had expressed an interest in maybe fixing their loans, and organising paperwork for them to do so before the rate rise takes effect. Most nights, by the time I get home I'm feeling pretty brain-dead, and consequently the entire week has gone by since I last updated this journal.Plus, I spent two evenings setting up a wireless network between my laptop and my desktop pc, and then my isp was down for a day.
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    Mull of Kintyre - Paul McCartney & Wings. I hate that song!