March 13th, 2005

Random Violin

Cross post? What cross post?

This is what happens when two friends get a bit, um, carried away! In relation to an email sent to a group I no longer belong to.

Another Funny One For Ya From A2.
Original comment:

I wonder if there is anything naughty or bad that WW hasn't been involved in!!! LOL

Response from APN as sent to M:
OK, shall we list them all!!! I just had to send you this one .... hahaha. The best bit is in red :))))

The Masked Cross Poster (yeah, I read that one!)

M’s comment:
how much time have you got? Blank paper? (Spare hard drive?)

Plenty of time in the world .... ummm ... excuse me while I go to Port Macquarie and buy a huge big drum of newspaper paper .... a full one ... so we have enough blank paper! Errrr, hang on .. we may need a whole shedful. As for the HDD - do they make them THAT BIG! ROTFLMAO

I thought of something she wasn't involved in. I think she was a bit young for the Russian Revolution.

Yup .. a little bit too young. Think she missed out by a year or so :)))) And then there was Rome - when Nero was fiddling .... perhaps in a former life????? ;)

well Nero sure as shit wasn't fiddling with HER! Even his relative Caligula had better taste.

Caligula loved his horse .. nuff said!!!!! And as for Nero - he was demented and stuff, but not that demented. :D :D :D

OK - what other things? Hitler and WW2? WW1? The extinction of the dinosaurs ..... hahahaha .... AND the Salem Witch Trials!


All of the above. The crucifixion. Noah and the Flood. And mankind would have evolved a lot earlier, except that when the first salamander-like thing dragged its way out of the primordial slime, WW was there to stomp it into extinction.
The Big Bang. Without sexual connotations. (coz man, who'd do her?) (except for John, who is given no choice in the matter).

Oh shit .. man, I am cracking up now .... hahahaha!

All of these too - love the thought of the salamandar thing getting stomped .... got a great visual of the poor bastard getting stomped by the Porker, in the mud and shit, with volcanos blasting away in the background ..... but I can only see the Porker's cloven hoof :) Don't wanna see anything else - cos clothes hadn't been invented then ... bwahahahaha

Oh my gawd .... she could have caused the Big Bang! Aaarggghhh .... is that why there is no life on any of the planets in the Solar System?????????

Nope, seriously - only John has the unfortunate job of doing her ..... and yep, he has had no choice in the matter. Poor sod ... perhaps he gets a soft-on now when she announces, "I wanna root!"

What other things in history .... Fall of the Ancient World? The Black Plague? The French Revolution when everyone rich was losing their heads? hehehehehe .. this is fun!!!!!

who do you think Spock was talking about when he said "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."

Now I'm just being silly.

I would hazard a guess here .... BP!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO ... gawd, she's even hit Star Trek!!!

No you aren't being silly - you are being very, very funny :))

Okay, we'll definitely keep this private (although the temptation is there to put it up on my LJ, minus names of course. Sing out if you have an issue with that.)

As for BP hitting Star Trek - can we put her in a red shirt? Pretty please? We all know what happens to the red shirts!
Actually, she's more a Klingon. One of the nasty Original Series guys, without the foreheads they developed later. One of the ones who thought nothing of using the Mind Sifter on a simple peasant. Just for fun.

She can't be a Romulan, she doesn't have any honour.

No doubt she is responsible for The Many Deaths Of Kenny.
Probably killed Elvis, too.

Actually, in a Sentinel story I'm reading at present, the guys (plus a bunch of others) are off on a rescue mission, and Blair makes a point of noticing one guy's red shirt. My immediate thought - yup, he'll be dead by story's end.

Hehehehe hahahaha hohohoho ... nope, I have no problem with you putting this on your LJ at all. Good idea about no names tho ..... but I doubt if BP would even know what LJ is!!!! *snicker*

Yup, put her in a red shirt ..... a bull might come and root some sense into her .. naaa, on second thoughts, that's mean to the bull. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

Oooooh, methinx we may have solved the Murder of King Tut as well ... *snigger* .... it's still being debated on the Yahoo News site - gawd, some hilarious shit has come out there but I haven't been in to it for a few weeks. Don't need a CAT scan to find out that BP was behind that particular death .... :)))))

I know I'll enjoy this particular entry in your LJ ... hehehehe ... actually, enjoy 'em all. I must put something in mine but life has been soooooo boring - I'd have the dullest blog on the Net, I reckon. *evil grin*
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