March 17th, 2005

Random Violin

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At lunchtime yesterday I went shopping for a paper roll for my fax machine. Instead, in true M style, I came home with a new printer. Which also scans, and copies. But doesn't fax, I have to point out. When I finished unpacking it, and had hooked it all up, I switched on my pc so I could load the software. Bloody monitor wouldn't come on, would it. I'd moved it in the course of the printer installation, so I quickly wiggled the leads and made sure they were in tightly, then tried it again. This time it worked.
This morning, though, when I went to use the pc, the monitor would only stay on if I kept the on-button depressed. After about half an hour of that, it finally decided it would work properly again.
Got home this afternoon and the light on my monitor had gone out again. *sigh* . If this continues, I'll be up for a repair job. Of course, it would also be a really good excuse to go out and buy a new flat-screen monitor....
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