April 9th, 2005

Random Violin

Still Waiting

Still haven't heard anything back about the car. I'm really starting to wonder, now, whether they'll consider it worth repairing. Have to wait and see.
And the lady with the red cat has decided to desex her and keep her as a pet. Bugger. She's a lovely cat, and would have been of benefit to my breeding program.
As for the lender position. I decided not to put my hand up for it. It's taken me twelve months to build up my clientele where I am, and I dont' want to start over again.
I couldn't log onto the internet on Thursday night, much to my frustration. Still unable yesterday morning so I rang the ISP before heading out to work. They promised to have me back online within an hour. Everything was working once I got home but it's as slow as a wet week. They must have big problems with their servers.
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