May 15th, 2005

Random Violin

The Week That Was

On Thursday, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade apologised for sending out a travel advisory warning that Perth is dangerous at this time of year.
Those damn Sandgropers. Just can't trust 'em.
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Random Violin

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When I scrubbed out Ratty and Tang's run yesterday I let them into the blue cat's play area, hoping they'd all get along while the floor dried. The usual posturing took place; Ratty, as the only entire, quickly asserted herself as the alpha cat, while Persephone continued to hassle Kissy and ignored the newcomers. Which left only Tang and Cowboy to sort themselves out. Cowboy very quickly decided that a blue neuter trumps a choccy point, and lost no time in telling Tang so - loudly. Only one flaw in this little plan. Tang, whilst being a huge wombat of a cat, and a gentle giant, is also stone deaf. It took me a while to realise this - I just thought for a long time that he was ignorant - and this is why he is now a neuter. Anyways, I could hear this godawful cat aggro and came out to find that Cowboy was sitting over Tang in a very threatening posture, and making all the 'boss cat' sounds at him. No effect on Tang at all. As he couldn't hear Cowboy he had no way of knowing how seriously pissed-off this cat was.
I couldn't have my gorgeous boy picked-on by the blue brat so I duplicated Cowboy's sounds, aiming them back at him. He swung to look at me with a very puzzled expression - he couldn't believe, I think, that Mum was threatening him! - then he dashed off to the safety of the opposite corner. His trajectory took him within reach of Ratty, who smacked him upside the head on his way past. Just to remind him of who's in charge.
By the time the run was dry, all five were co-habitating quite happily so I left them to it, and only put the ratbag and Tangy back in their own run at dinner time.
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