May 22nd, 2005

Random Violin


I've just come to the end of a wonderful weekend.
It all started on Friday night when I had to drive to the airport after work, to pick up my sister. She was flying up just to spend the weekend with me. We got home around 8.30 - stopped and bought dinner on our way home - then sat up until 1am talking, laughing, just basically sharing.
Yesterday we went (surprise!) shopping. Went to Stones Corner, where all the large chain stores have their end-of-season runout stores. It was really good fun, but the gloss was taken off the day by an accident we almost witnessed. We were sitting outside a restaurant eating lunch when an old man on a Gopher scooter was hit by a car, almost right in front of us. Neither of us was looking at the time - we glanced up when we heard the squeal of brakes, followed by the crash. From what we could see, the old man wasn't seriously injured as he was able to stand up and walk to the side of the road ("But you can walk with a broken pelvis," Dee commented.). The ambos checked him over and eventually loaded him in the ambulance - about half an hour after the accident so I assume it was a precautionary measure.
Meanwhile the girl who was driving the car was an absolute mess. I really felt sorry for her too. I'm not sure how the whole thing happened but I'm fairly certain that he was crossing the road against the lights.
Anyway. We finished up around 4.30 and headed home until it was time to go to the cinema to see The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. I enjoyed this movie, although the characters were (for obvious reasons!) not at all as I'd been imagining them for the last 25 years or so. Ford Prefect took me by surprise, and I also found myself looking for Zaphod's second head at first.
After the movie we went to the Lone Star Steak House for a late meal. Once more we sat up talking until the wee smalls.
Dee flew back to Sydney at 11am this morning. I got back from the airport shortly after 11.30, and spent most of the day mucking around outside as it was a lovely day. Went to Bunnings and picked up a couple of things I needed, also spent a bit of time mucking about on the net.
Then this evening Ezekiel and S came over for dinner. Just lovely.
Now I'm about to head off to bed. Princess Fatty Kitten won't be amused, as she currently inhabits my lap. She'll have to go curl up with the Pizza Box Cat.
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