July 4th, 2005

Random Violin

The Proliferation of the Green Bag

Once upon a time if you opened the cupboard under my sink, odds-on you'd be swamped by the plastic shopping bags that would pour out. I'd use them as garbage bags, I'd empty the used cat litter into them, I'd even use them to take files to and from work in.That was before those green environmentally friendly bags became widely available - since that time I've regularly used the green bags instead. But their numbers are growing; I now have twice as many as I need for a week's groceries. How many times have I ducked into the supermarket at lunchtime, just for one or two things, but not had a green bag with me? I then have two choices - buy another, or revert to plastic. So the pile of green bags grows.
And they're not all green, either. Bunnings sells bright red ones, while Cotton On changes their colours regularly. I have a pretty pink one from there that I use most often.
The way things are going, though, it won't be long before the cupboard-opening results in an avalanche of environmentally-friendly bags.
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