July 14th, 2005

Random Violin


I get so frustrated at times by things beyond my control.
Had a really pissy day at work today, with a number of events leaving a bad taste in my mouth - not the least of which was a visit from the head of Wealth, wanting to talk about my loan files, and the small number of referrals I've sent to his department in the last 12 months. Well how about we discuss the leads sent to me from your department, you wanker, which total - wait for it - two. A bit of reciprocity would be nice, you know. And he arrived at 3pm when I hadn't had time to have lunch. He generously offered to let me eat my sandwich at my desk, an offer which I politely declined. So it was 4pm before I got to eat. Had a huge submission awaiting completion, so I threw my sandwich down my throat then raced back to my desk.
Then tonight I was reminded that my subscription to AntiVirus had expired yesterday. I went to renew it online but didn't have a subscription key, despite having an account id. I was given a phone number to ring, in order to renew without the key, but the phones are only attended between 8am and 6pm. Which does me a hell of a lot of good, leaving as I do at 7.30 and not getting home until after 6.
I've written the number down and will try to find ten minutes tomorrow to ring whilst at work.
God I'm glad today is over.
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