August 21st, 2005

Random Violin

Notes From A Weekend Away

* Last time I headed south there were police cars everywhere. I think I counted 5 on the way down, and 6 on the way home. This time I saw one; about halfway between Brisbane and the border, heading north.

* I'm surprised the tortie girl has a voice left. She cried all the way down on Friday, all the way to and from the show yesterday, and just about all the way home today (cried loudest during Enrique Iglasias (?), barely cried during Supertramp. Note to self: buy more Supertramp CDs). At one point I was threatening to drop her off at the Home For Bad Kittens but she recognised an empty threat when she heard one.

* Sticking to the speed limit only added ten minutes to my trip.

* Going back was like going home again. I wonder if I'll ever lose that feeling.

* Shows don't provide the best opportunity to catch up with everyone. There are people I barely got to talk to, whom I'd been looking forward to seeing. Bummer.

* I'm getting too old for this crap. Absolutely totally exhausted tonight!
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