September 29th, 2005

Random Violin

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So here we are in beautiful downtown Sydney. Staying at a very upmarket hotel with beautiful ocean views. The room furniture is what I describe as Early Hotel Ugly - solid, imposing, designed to impress but rather it repulses.
I survived last night, however, and even made it back to my room by 8.30. Should I be proud of this, or embarrassed by it? Wasn't game to have too big a night, knowing that I had to front up again today for another full day of lending fun 'n' games.
Bed early last night, too, 10pm was lights-out after a very early wakeup time of 4am. Watched House (even though I had someone recording it for me - well who knows, they may have had a blackout last night, or Skylab could have fallen on Brisbane, or the underpants gnomes could have stolen their tv aerial - ANYTHING could have happened!), watched the news on Skychannel then just crashed.