November 2nd, 2005

Random Violin

Saving Grace

Saw a sign on a building this morning that said "Jesus saves." Saves what? Saves water, showers with a friend? Saves with a Dollarmite account at the Commonwealth Bank? Saves trading stamps or bottle tops? Saves petrol by downsizing to a four-cylinder car?
Curious minds want to know.
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Random Violin

Dragon Logies

This quarter's Dragon Logies are to be held tomorrow night - both for the quarter awards and also the annual one, seeing that our reporting year ends 30 September. The theme this time is Beach Party. I've raided my wardrobe and come up with white low-rise flared pants and a gossamery tropical-patterned midriff shirt that ties at the navel. All I need now is a set of maraccas and I'll be doing a Peter Allen impersonation.
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