November 12th, 2005

Random Violin

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I had a busy day today. I managed to fit in the following:-
1) bleach out the downstairs bathroom in preparation for the litter due in a fortnight. Also scrubbed out the kittening box.
2) washed all the bunny rugs in an antibacterial/antifungal agent. When hanging them out I discovered some of them were more hole than rug - but then most of them go back to the early nineties. Two of them were actually my son's when he was a baby, so they're 22 years old. So, later in the day, I -
3) did my grocery shopping, firstly stopping at Big W where I bought another five bunny rugs! Then I had to race home, for :-
4) watched the first race in the V8 supercars from Symmons Plains. The threatened rain held off but the hairpin still caused problems for a few entrants, noticeably the Holden Team. Skaife and Kelly both had problems there. And what happened to Murph? He didn't even get airtime during the race, and finished a lowly 20th.
5) after the race, I mowed front and back lawns. Didn't do them last weekend so they really needed it today.
6) now I'm relaxing. Cats are fed,I'm fed (and caught the last half-hour of The Castle while I ate - that's iconic Aussie TV at its best), and also finally signed up for a paid account here. My birthday present to myself

Oh, and one other thing - switched on the tv at 1pm in order to watch Drive - I don't know how long this show has been airing but one of the hosts is a guy I used to work with at Racing Car News. His dad was editor of the magazine at the time. I would never have recognised him (well hey, it's been over 20 years! And he had hair when I knew him) but he's still a comedian at heart. A not-very-FUNNY comedian, but what the hey. Don't give up your day job, Michael (last I heard he was editor of Wheels magazine.).