December 13th, 2005

Random Violin


This month's WTF comes to you via those logical folk at Telstra. Firstly I should point out that I rarely use my mobile phone for outbound calls; mainly it's another way for my customers to keep track of me. Therefore I'm on a plan which has fairly steep call charges but a low monthly access fee of $10, with the first $10 worth of calls free each month.
So my bill arrived yesterday, and it's for the grand total of - wait for it - $10.01. It states in bold letters "New Charges - $10.01. includes rounding of $0.01
I'm thinking that they're counting on their customers not to query this, basically because it costs more than that to ring up and ask about it.
Further down on the bill it states that the total includes GST of 91 cents. So I'm thinking, maybe the plan is actually $9.10 plus GST at the usual rate of 10%, but if that's the case, why does it state that the one cent is a rounded-up amount?
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