January 30th, 2006

Random Violin

Who writes this stuff anyway?

Real ads, for real products - in this case, after shave and perfumes.
Open Road - Driven towards destiny
Hopefully it involves a cliff and a large drop.

Full Speed - Engineered for excitement
It's an aftershave. Get a life.

Dreamlife - live the dream
What, so my kittens' ears fall off, and the pillow is jammed against the door but that's okay because I'm moving, and now my house is a...no wait, that's not a dream I want to live any time soon.

Treselle - Be confident. Be sensual. Be you.
Hello, the three faces of Eve now have names.


today - Let's first love who we are. tomorrow - Imagine all we'll share - tomorrow.

I'm still waiting for Middle of Next Week - All right, who farted? closely followed by it's twin sister About a month ago - geez, you really WERE ugly.

Now they're perfumes I'd like to see.
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    Wasn't it me who said that nothing good's gonna last forever
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