March 16th, 2006

Random Violin

Time Flies

Where has the week gone? I woke up on Monday morning with a stuffy head and runny nose, really felt blah but had to go to work as I had too much on. Stopped at a chemist shop and then, armed with drugs, was ready to face the day.
Woke up Tuesday with no sign of the previous day's cold. Weird.
Back at my own branch yesterday, although I have to go to Carindale again for three days next week. Ah well, I'm not going to make target this quarter anyway so the disruption probably doesn't matter. I just get a bit tired of lugging two briefcases full of files around with me.
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Random Violin

fat fat fat

I'm surprised that everyone at work isn't as fat as a pig. Vinnie regularly stops in at the bakery and brings in a bag of pastries for everyone, there's always chocolate bars in the fridge to be eaten by whoever wants them, potato chips and dip abound; there's a deep fryer and counter-top oven in which the girls cook french fries, sausage rolls, crumbed prawns etc - and today the manager brought in her blender and a container of ice cream, and then busied herself making thick shakes for everyone.
No wonder I've put on half a stone since starting at this branch in August. I just have to say no, now, and walk away from it all.