November 5th, 2006

Random Violin

Happy happy joy joy

LJ is back! I missed my flist last night.
Anyway. Another reason to rejoice. I'm not the most technologically clued-in person and tend to put new things in the "too hard" basket, simply because I couldn't be bothered figuring something out when I don't entirely understand it. So I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment. I wanted a particular TV show theme as a ringtone on my mobile but the only place I could find it was on YouTube. So, first I had to download a program that "grabs" files from YouTube, then I had to find a program that converts .flv files to audio only. Once I'd done that, and converted this file, I could then cut out the part I wanted and transfer it to my phone. And it worked!
Amazing what you can do when you really, really want something. It wasn't difficult, either, not as complicated as I had expected.
So, yay me.
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