November 8th, 2006

Random Violin

What a Buzz!

I did it. Tonight at a home buyers seminar I got up in front of a roomful of mostly-strangers, and talked about my bank and our home loans. I can't believe I actually did it without a)passing out, b)being sick, or c)stuffing it up completely.
I'd been worrying about this all week, and last night I dreamed the whole thing in vivid technicolour, leaving me feeling queasy all day. It wasn't until I was talking to my ex-area manager this afternoon that my nerves settled down. He gave me some powerful advice - the attendees are there to learn; they know very little about the bank's processes, so if you forget something or stuff something up, they're not going to know. From that point on I felt comfortable about it, and it was no longer the ordeal I'd been fearing.
I've been told it went well, and I talked to a few attendees afterwards who wanted my business card, so it must have been beneficial in some way. And, as a result, I have an estate agent to talk to who may refer business to me.
Life is good!
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