January 3rd, 2007

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I had planned on having morning tea with friends at Hatton Vale today, prior to their departure south, but a multi vehicle accident on the Ipswich Motorway prevented me from reaching them. The motorway accident was just prior to the Goodna access,(where I would normally turn onto the Motorway,) and the access lane was blocked by a police car, preventing anyone from joining the road at that point. I'm so glad I'd taken back roads up to that point and not joined the Ipswich Motorway from the Logan Motorway otherwise I'd have been held up for hours. As it was I was able to head back home without any drama.
The BIG worry was that my friends weren't answering their mobiles, and they'd left my house 45 minutes before me, with plans to use both motorways. I was so scared that they'd been involved in the accident. However, on about my ninth try they finally answered the bloody phone.
So, what to do with the day? It's raining, and I'm all shopped out. Nothing for it but to play around on the internet. So far I've redesigned my lj, and now I feel the need of some fanfic.
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