January 15th, 2007

Random Violin


Hot and muggy tonight. Cats haven't eaten all their dinner but that's hardly surprising in this weather.
Had a lender's meeting in the city today, and discovered that our Ipswich lender has resigned. Wonder if she'll really go through with it this time; it's the third time since she joined us in June that she's tendered her resignation. Maybe the third time's the charm. I just hope I don't end up having to travel out there a few days a week while her replacement is trained up.
My old mgr from Indooroopilly branch has been appointed as Lending Development Manager for Brisbane. I'm really pleased as I like her a lot and look forward to working with her again. And she's one of the (very!) few people I know who shares my taste for anchovies on pizza. Yay for whiskery fish!
Dinner at FoL's tonight. Not whiskery fish though. A nice crumbed chicken fillet oven baked then topped with salsa, ham and melted cheese. Yum.
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