January 31st, 2007

Random Violin

Car Fixed!

I've been driving a Toyota Corolla the last few days, while my car was at the body shop. The Corolla was an fun little car to drive. There were in total 55km on the odometer when I picked it up on Monday morning; it was so new it still felt tight. Before dropping it back off this afternoon I had to replace the petrol I had used - it only took $5 to fill, and even then I had to force the last dollar into it. Okay, I hadn't exactly done an interstate trip in it, only driving to work and back for the three days, but it still surprised me exactly how frugal it was, even with petrol at $1.09 per litre today.
Must say it was nice to get back into the Falcon though. I like my big car even if it chews the juice.
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