February 11th, 2007

Random Violin

Cat Show Sunday.

My little Chicken became a Champion Chicken today, also picking up her first ACF AOE certificate as a grown-up. I just wish she'd stop showing the judges how clean and white her teeth are.
Full marks go to Annette W's Kucinta Prince Merlin; not only was he best Birman in all three rings but he scored a Best in Show under - wait for it - (I know anonpussynamer is going to be gobsmacked by this) Rhondda Watson.
See, she can TOO see past the Persians. On occasion.
Anyway. Had a good day, ring clerking in the longhair kitten ring. We had three Coonies, seven Persians, one zot, four raggies, five Siberians and two Turks. Not a single Birman kitten though, which is odd when Birmans have been so strong in this state for so long.
Such a hot day, though I'm glad the threatening storm didn't eventuate. Home by 5.30 then it was a mad rush to get everything done, and all fed, so I could sit and watch the (sob!) cricket.
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