April 27th, 2007

House eyeroll

Curious Cures

From The Curious Cures of Old England by Nigel Hawthorne:-
Along with the works of Paracelsus, numerous medical textbooks came to England from the Continent. In the first treatise on surgery published in German, in 1460, Heinrich von Pfolspeundt wrote:
The surgeon should make sure that he is not drunk when treating his patients. For otherwise he will neglect them, and will be guilty and punished by God. If he has eaten onions or beans, or spent the previous night with an impure lady, he should be careful not to breathe on any wounds.
He also recommended that the surgeon wash his hands.
In 1565 the surgeon John Halle said "A surgeon should nbot be mis-created, deformed, goggle or squint-eye, unhealthy of body, imperfect of mind, not whole in his members, not boisterous of fingers, or having shaking hands."

Boisterous of fingers??
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Oh My!

I just read a spam email that talked about "redundant body kilograms." WTF??? It's called FAT! Lets all say it together now! I have it, you have it (well maybe not but I'm making a point here) even my Princess Fatty Kitten has it (which is why she is so-named). If its so common, why the euphemism?
A more ridiculous example of extreme PC I've yet to see.
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