May 7th, 2007

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There are so many things I want/need to do to my house that it's hard to know where to start, which jobs to prioritise. In an ideal world I could get them all done at once, but in my less-than-ideal existence there's a little thing called money (or lack thereof) preventing this.
My bathroom has three different coloured tiles, and the yellow&white ones really clash with the lavender walls. Of course I could repaint, but then the tiles would still be mismatched. And the bath is scratched and stained and really needs replacing. Nothing short of a complete overhaul will save that room.
I'd like a rear deck, so that the back door didn't open out onto the tiny landing there at present. And the railing along the front steps badly needs replacing. Its unsafe condition was mentioned in the building report when I bought this place three years ago and it's not getting any safer.
And a front fence would cut out a lot of the road noise, I think. In summertime when the front door is open for the breeze I need to have the volume on the tv cranked right up in order to hear the dialogue. Of course if I'm getting a front fence I'd need a remote control gate, right?
The back fence is in danger of falling over at any minute. That's the priority, and I have someone lined up to do that. Just hope no-one leans on it in the meantime.
There are a few other smaller things I'd like done, too. Ah well, will just have to be patient.
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