June 6th, 2007

Random Violin

One born every minute

Received an ad via snail mail today for a product called Slim Spray Instant, which promises up to 1kg weight loss every 8 hours without the need for exercise or dieting. Yeah, right. It probably contains some kind of flesh-eating bacteria that turns your body into a suppurating ulcer.
Anyway. While googling this product I came across the following complaint which was sent to the European Advertising Standards Alliance -
783 Johnson & Johnson
Complaint (offensive) to the Irish SRO, ASAI, from an Irish consumer concerning an advertisement on a UK TV station featuring Baby Extra Care Wipes. The advertisement showed naked babies and at one point a man holding a baby up above his head. The complainant found the advertisement offensive, believing that it might appeal to paedophiles, and was also concerned that the baby might fall and be injured.... Case closed, complaint not upheld.
Nice to see that the PC-ness of the self-appointed Moral Majority (minority!) doesn't always win.
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