June 11th, 2007

Random Violin

Books to Remember

Yesterday's Bookfest got me thinking about a series of books I read during my primary school years. I've yet to meet anyone else (other than my sister!) who has even heard of them, and when I searched LJ's Interests for the hero's name it came up blank. However when I googled the author I found that they were quite popular in the sixties and early seventies. And - I learned that there were SIX MORE written that I haven't read, and didn't know existed.
The author's name was Hugh Walters - a pen name, his real name was Walter Hughes - and the series of novels dealt with space exploration, starting with Blast Off At Woomera written in 1957, all the way up to The Dark Triangle in 1979. They were very simplistic, with basic science, and any schoolkid picking them up today would laugh his guts up (after getting an answer to the question "Mummy, what's a slide rule, and why don't the astronauts have a computer?") but I loved the adventure, and the mateship displayed by the closeknit group of astronauts.
So, next year when I venture back to Bookfest, I'm taking a list - and the six unknowns will be at the top.
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