June 14th, 2007

Random Violin


I had a most disturbing interview yesterday with a retiree who wanted to borrow a small sum but needed the money most urgently - seems she is entitled to an inheritance from a long-lost (and unknown) relative in a small African state, and a diplomat from that country is flying out here tomorrow, bringing the money with her, but requires $3500 immediately in order to pay for "customs clearances", and a further $10,000 for other expenses incurred in getting the money here. She showed me a couple of emails she's received in relation to the matter; I couldn't convince her that it is a scam and she will lose her money. What made it more difficult is that the lady is profoundly deaf and the whole conversation was carried on in writing. Her final word on the subject - "Scammed? Not scammed? My chance to take."
In the end I had to refer her on to our personal loan specialist. I'm hoping that the loan application won't be approved, simply because I would hate to see her lose her money.
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