June 29th, 2007

Random Violin

Wait up!

After a 10 day wait, my new glasses were ready for collection today. Everything is so much clearer now! I'm having difficulty walking around while wearing them, though. Just until I get used to them, I've been assured.
Still waiting for my speeding fine to drop into my letterbox. Been waiting since Wednesday LAST week for it - somehow I thought it would be quicker than this. I'm sure he got me - the flash went off, and then the cabin light went on in the 4WD, and the cop could be seen scribbling frantically. I put off buying a permanent LJ account because I thought I'd need the money to pay the fine, and until it arrives, I won't know how much I need to set aside. When a friend was booked recently for doing 98 in an 80 zone, the fine was $150. I was doing 68 in a 60 zone so it could be less than that.
The irony - I was driving along and thinking "Hmm, there's sometimes a cop at the bottom of the hill around this corner." HELLO! Slow down already! And I was watching the speedo as I crested the hill, but it started to increase as I travelled downwards. Then I saw the little sign on the footpath, warning of the radar. Immediately braked, but too late. *FLASH*. Ah well, when it arrives I'll have a nice picture of my car to post here.
Right now I'm waiting for my dinner to cook, and getting hungrier by the second.
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