June 30th, 2007

Random Violin

Reviewing the reviews.

Sometimes the reviews are more entertaining than the story - following are just a sampling of reviews for The Fandom Writer by Nickolaus Pacione. All original spelling left intact.

This story would have had a lot of potential, with a great plot idea. The sad thing is, it sucked.
So true.

You need a good, not to mention forgiving and masochistic, editor to help you along the rough patches. And from what I've read, the entire story is a rough patch.
True again.

I am not critizing this stories writing. You have a very good writing style, but you are intollorant. You are prejudice. 60 jews died because of prejudice. But I am by no means comparing you to Hitler... Don't get upset because you get "flamed" (you get criticized, there's a difference), you just flamed all the writers of an entire genre. It's always funny when the reviewer's spelling etc is worse than the author's. And doncha just love it when someone brings Hitler into the discussion?
And...60 jews? What happened to the rest of them, then?

Here's my review: this was terrible. Learn to spell first, then learn how to write. Hope that helps!
Truer than the truest true thing in truedom.

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