August 7th, 2007

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Attended a meeting in town this afternoon, where our new LDM managed to offend our team's best performer (having a quieter-than-usual week; LDM suggested he ring other team members for business-generation tips. This, to the one team player who regularly writes 150% of target, and attended an overseas expo at the Bank's expense in order to drum up non-resident lending!), upset another branch's Lending Manager (by announcing the appointment of a lending officer at the branch - it would have been polite to discuss this with the lending manager first before dropping the bombshell! And then asking if it would affect LM's figures at all...) and generally alienating the rest of us who had to squirm our way through his handling of the above.
He asked us what our expectations are of him. Arrogance and confrontation, that's what I expect from him, based on his form so far.
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