August 27th, 2007

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Another lender's meeting in town tomorrow; another day out of the office, and here I am with a pile of work you couldn't jump over at present. Hopefully the meeting will be worth our while.
The presenter tomorrow is the head of Retail Lending in Australia. I've known this guy a long time - he used to be the Junior (read: shitkicker) at the now-defunct Rural Bank of NSW in St.Marys, where I once worked. He drove a cool RS2000 Escort, dark blue in colour, and as he also lived in the Blue Mountains, we'd often play sillybuggers on the trip home up the Great Western Highway.
Boy that was a long time ago.
What I love best about tomorrow's meeting, though, is the way we're going to be told what our targets are for the following year. Enterprise Agreement? What's that? What do you mean, set targets via consultation and mutual agreement? Hey, we've got an Enterprise Agreement, what more do you want? You don't seriously expect us to do more than pay lip service, now do you?
Like our OH&S policy document. We have one because by law we must, but that doesn't mean anyone pays the slightest bit of nevermind to it. For, if they did, we wouldn't have a safe blocking our fire exit.
Would we?
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