September 4th, 2007

Random Violin

Things that made me smile today....

Rain. Much-needed, even though it brought the cold back with it. (well, the moderately cool, at any rate).
Buying a new handbag. This one's white, and really roomy, with spaces for two mobiles, and lots of pockets.
Having one of our team members call me Petal. I don't know why that always makes me smile, but it does.
Emails from anonpussynamer about the Virgin Money home loan ads. That girl's mind has an evil twist.
Sorting through my show catalogues, and finding a printed out copy of Sebastian's Wonderful Tonight tucked between them. Just thinking about that story made me smile.
Little Dot, having a spak attack and running madly up and down the hallway. Silly girl, there's nothing chasing you.
Just life, in general. Today was good.
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    Don't you think I know exactly where I stand, this world is forcing me to hold